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I would have you balanced
Up a Baobab tree,
A pair of pale acrobatic monkeys
Would we surely be…

What a freaky sight to see.

I would have you billowing
On the wild ocean blue,
In a steam powered dinghy
Made exclusively for two.

I would have you for tea.
Scrabbling down mantled scree,
And up each cobbled street…
Now there’s a cunning feat.

I would have you suspended
From the space needle’s tower
As the masses muttered,
Then tutted and glowered.

I would have you slow,
Cruising down the undulating Nile,
Wearing naught but two sandals
And a whimsical smile.

I would have thee buttered,
Then served on hot toast,
And would lick every finger
To make of you the most.

I would have you abseiling
If the wind was prevailing,
Up there on the moon
With a runcible spoon.

I would have you for supper,
As we sprawled in the gutter,
Our eyes full of stars
(Yet avoiding the cars).

I would have you, see?