…here in the convent. The air has a quality to it unlike any I have known before; it feels at rest. Equable. No draftdrafteddraft dare enter. No wind is permitted to quiver the fine bamboo blinds, nor caress the blinding, white brilliance, of the simple hand-woven tablecloths and napkins.

Sister Seraphina was kindness incarnate, when first we arrived, and rested ourselves in the socketed chapel. It is carved into the chest of the Mervaillan Cliffs, and showered us with echoes of sounds that were emitted long, long before we entered its majesty.

The Sister welcomed us, when not one soul (or soulless) entity in the village had the stomach to. I am aware of my countenance, my unholy visage, yet when I catch sight of myself in a mirror, I cannot summon the fear and disgust that I see in the eyes of those who fall under my glazed gaze…gazeglazedgazesglazedglazes.

Sy and Ke. They may as well be hawk and pebble, for all their duncical understanding of how the other ticks. TocksSticksRocksWordsBones.

Shhh. Hush now Den. I am keeping all that I treasure within, and not one consciousness, in the whole of the universe shall erode it. Nothing more can be taken from this creature. Woman. A woman they say. I do think there is a woman in here with me, yes.

I wish to eat.
Our luggage sits on a hard, wooden cot.

Ke is sleeping.
Sy is breeding sneers.
They both watch me very carefully.


(This transmission may be added to at some point,…or not. That, is up to Den)

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