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The following post caught my eye, and wished to float it’s way over to the cloud and I. Some of us are more lost in the labyrinth that is someone else’s book than others.  And it can be a joyous experience to lose our way as we wander through their tome, placing the odd scrap of paper here and there to keep in mind the places we  enjoyed the most as we travelled it’s winding paths.

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Lost in Your Book.

Lost in Your Book

I found myself lost within the confines of your thoughts today. Trapped between two unbending covers, I gave up seeking escape and instead realized myself to the idea of entertaining your thoughts. They are so clear and vivid, teasing my mind and challenging me to be as good as you one day. If only I could be. My pen drips ink and dries from hesitation… or is it fear of failure. I look to my left and right and see examples that outshine me. How can one possible appreciate the moon when there are two radiate suns to steal the spotlight.

I curse my life in rotation as I consider the freedom of passing meteors. They blaze trails of accomplishment within my sight, taunting me with their ease.

A book is a lost relic that contains the past thoughts of a person talented enough to capture them before they die. One might think this is an easy task. I speed read and probably only retain about 60% of most books that I have opened. I have opened a lot of books though. If I happen upon a diamond in the rough, it would take the form of a gospel that I would devour to the last word. It is a rarity to be sure, but it has happened in the past. And still I seek the next one, to become lost in your book.