I have taken the liberty of adding a title to this re-blogged piece of prose from Something Museworthy? Who is worthy of a muse – so the Cloud decrees. You can feel the beat of the metronome throughout. Cleverly inscribed by Museworthy Man who is somewhere else but can be found at this link – http://theoldboysnetwork.com/wp/?p=228

Tick Follows Tock by Something Museworthy?

If a tick followed a tock; if the world still turned out there, you’d know not.

In here, time’s metronome sways only to the eyes of the privileged. All you’re given is their rendering: they choose night, they choose day. They impose a rhythm that is arhythmic; a cadence that upsets your own and summons the oddest motion sickness. Each meal you have here is served to intense or to no hunger, each hour for sleep you either seize or eschew. You’re pitched into and pulled by their strange and straying flow; a stick in a turbulent stream. While outside you’re sure time’s arrow runs un-delayed and linear. Take heart; a single bearing can be obtained from within–listen to it; your heart; not for what it says–but for how it beats. Seventy at rest yes? Then rest a moment, a finger on your pulse and count.

Three score and ten.

See – That minute was yours. That minute you rode the arrow outside.